Monday, March 12, 2012

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Indahnya Ukhuwah kerana-Nya...


In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful..

I just want to update this blog..

and I would like to share to all of you THE LATEST song from UNIC - Seiring Sehaluan..
when the first time I heard this song..
suddenly, I fell in love with the lyrics and melody..
really love it..
and now I really MISS my friends...
only Allah knows what I feel deep in my heart...

this lovely song..
sincerely I dedicate to ALL of you..
enjoy it!

* my dearest Tamhidi's Friends *

* missing you all T_T *

*mixing friends (primary-secondary-university) *

* one and the only latest picture with my primary school's friends *

* PLKN- always remember you all till the end.. InsyaAllah *


UNIC- Seiring Sehaluan

Kita laungkan Allahuakhbar Allah Maha Besar.

Hari yang indah, senyuman pertama,
Hulurkan salam ukhuwah kita.
Berpesan mengingati, dituntut agama,
Kita bagaikan satu keluarga.

Silaturrahim ini tak akan terpisah,
Kita jalinkan seperti Rasulallah dan sahabat.

Kita laungkan Allahuakhbar Allah Maha Besar,
Seiring sehaluan satu cita dan impian,
Susah dan senang kita tempuhi bersama,
Bertemu berpisah kerana Allah.

Demi satu kejayaan,penuh pengorbanan,
Keazaman juga ketabahan,
Inilah kehidupan, menuntut kesungguhan,
Tak semudah indahnya khayalan.

Silaturrahim ini tak akan terpisah,
Berbahagia untuk selamanya insyaAllah.

Allahuakhbar, Allah Maha Besar,
Lailahaillallah. (2x)